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Ranging in height from a few cm to nearly 1m, these are a group of alpine plants that will grow well in a shaded, moist position in the garden. La scutellaria palustre (nome scientifico Scutellaria galericulata L., 1753) è una pianta perenne spontanea dai fiori labiati appartenente alla famiglia delle Lamiaceae. They are generally not sedating or consciousness impairing at lower doses, at which they can be used regularly to relieve chronic anxiety. A trial of valerian 100 mg three times daily for 2 weeks after benzodiazepine withdrawal resulted in improved sleep quality (Poyares et al., 2002). Sleeping adequate amounts is critical to keeping the neuroendocrine system healthy, reducing stress, and caring well for the body. Mad Dog Skullcap - Scutellaria latiflora, Julie Metz Wetlands, Woodbridge, Virginia.jpg 1,923 × … It possesses a number of pharmacologic activities that make it ideal for the treatment of Stage I and II cardiac insufficiency. Watch for aphids. Scutellaria galericulata × Scutellaria lateriflora → Scutellaria ×‌churchilliana Fern. DHEA may lead to an increase in progesterone production indirectly, because both DHEA and progesterone require pregnenolone as a precursor. A nervine is an herb with a beneficial effect upon the nervous system, generally relaxing or restorative in nature. Dioscorides has mentioned its being profitable for mixing with analgesics, yet this was by no means a focus of those who cited him. Kumari Varsha, ... Ramesh Chandra, in Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy, 2017. Passiflora exerts anxiolytic effects via opioid and GABA/benzodiazepine receptors and are attributed to benzoflavones (Dhawan et al., 2002). Most importantly it primarily exhibits positive inotropic activity, thereby slowing the heart and making for a stronger, more efficient heartbeat, much like beta-blockers. Mary Bove, ... Aviva Romm, in Botanical Medicine for Women's Health, 2010. 2011). They are commonly prescribed in cases of emotional or mental stress or nervous debility. Scutellaria lateriflora L. is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Scutellaria (family Lamiaceae ). Author surname. A variety of mechanisms of action may be included in these effects: direct antihypertensive activity through diuresis (juniper berry), vasodilatation (hawthorn leaf with flower), and muscular relaxation (cramp bark). lateriflora – blue skullcap Subordinate Taxa. Avoiding caffeine, chocolate, coffee, and caffeinated sodas, and keeping sugar consumption to a minimum may. The form is upright and is usually 20 to 45 centimeters in height, sometimes reaching up to 80. Perhaps the most important contribution herbs can make to the whole field of neurology lies in their ability to strengthen and nourish the nervous system. Records added before. Adult doses of scullcap range from 1–2 g per day, which converts to about 11.6–23.25 mg/kg per day, usually in divided doses (two to three times per day). Strain and sweeten if desired. Diet and exercise also can affect DHEA and DHEAS levels. I fiori sbocciano da giugno a settembre. Roy Upton, Aviva Romm, in Botanical Medicine for Women's Health, 2010. It is the aglycone of baicalin. The methods for preparing Scutellaria lateriflora are available in my book “Making Plant Medicine” and are a bit much for an e-mail. Dose: 3 mL in water, two to four times daily, For Depression with Mild Sleep Difficulty. A sensation of heat and burning in the urethra. Although patients with jobs that require night work or women with young children might not be able to achieve this rhythm, lack of this rhythm may be a clue to HPA access disruption and related illnesses such patients are experiencing. Social support is one of the most important factors in stress response and life expectancy. The effects of lifestyle on preventing and reducing stress, and consequently stress-related illness, cannot be overstated. Lamiaceae. In a randomized clinical trial (RCT), Bacopa’s effect on cognitive function was assessed and it was found that its administration resulted in significant improvement in anxiety after 12 weeks (Stough et al., 2001). Please read. The Garden wouldn't be the Garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers. The following are simple suggestions for managing stress:43. This group of nervines (Box 3-22) are most important in times of stress, overwhelm, and confusion. Sedating herbs (Box 3-23), or hypnotics, can be used to induce deeper relaxation when there is extreme tension, inability to sleep, or pain. There are no related plants for species Scutellaria lateriflora. Scullcap is generally well tolerated and few side effects are expected (Medical Economics, 2007). Epidemiologic data indicate an inverse relationship between serum DHEA and DHEAS levels and the frequency of cancer, cardiovascular disease (in men only), Alzheimer's disease and other age-related disorders, immune function, and progression of HIV infection.158, Beneficial effects of DHEA, based on animal studies, include improved immune function and memory and prevention of atherosclerosis, cancer, diabetes, and obesity. L-Arginine has been advocated as a potential therapy for interstitial cystitis patients. It is native to wetland areas from Quebec and Newfoundland west to British Columbia and south to California, Louisiana and Florida. DHEA is classified as an androgen, and may be converted into other hormones, including estrogen and testosterone. The administration of baicalein is associated with common side effects, such as fatigue and shortness of breath. Avoid emotional eating (overeating and undereating). DHEA supplementation should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.158, Stress is an unavoidable fact of life. Wetland plant that is best grown in moist to wet soils in full sun. Scutellaria lateriflora, commonly known as blue skullcap, mad dog skullcap and side-flowering skullcap, is a low-growing herbaceous perennial in the mint family that typically grows to 2-3’ tall. Acupuncture and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) are adjunct methods of pain reduction that can be considered. A soothing urinary demulcent. Leaves are dark green above but light green beneath. Valeriana officinalis (Valerian) essential oils are reported for their sedative and anxiolytic activity, whereas valepotriates are known to exert a regulatory effect on the autonomic nervous system (Hendriks et al., 1981). Thanks for contacting. Chinese or Baikal skullcap (Scutellaria baicalensis) is a flowering plant used in traditional Chinese medicine. Get enough sleep and correct sleep. Scutellaria are generally hardy and do well in the rock garden. Native Introduced Native and Introduced Both effectively decreased anxiety, with no significant differences between the groups; however, the oxazepam group experienced significant impairment of job performance (Akhondzadeh et al., 2001). However, taken together without modifying the dose of digitalis can result in additive and potentially dangerous effects. is an infrequent skullcap hybrid (in northern New England) that is known from ME, VT. Frequent urination with stinging pain—chronic urinary or renal conditions with a mucopurulent discharge. The plant itself is likeable and unassuming, with a multi-stemmed, upright habit, reddish stems and blue flowers protruding sideways at the axils (thus lateriflora, which is very often and incorrectly called “laterifolia” in the herb industry). Mild to moderate adverse effects were reported in 36% of patients using oxazepam as compared with 28% in the valerian group (Ziegler et al., 2002). Individuals living in isolation respond more poorly to stress and illness, recover more slowly, and have a lower life expectancy than individuals with an established social network and social support. Cortisol and melatonin, for example, both intrinsic to maintaining proper stress response, have secretory rhythms that are optimized by following diurnal sleep patterns, ideally by going to sleep by 11 pm and rising early in the morning. However, sleeping at optimal hours for the body's hormonal and neurotransmitter systems is also important to health. The actions of most herbs used as antidepressants have not been elucidated. Inflammation or irritation of the neck and base of the bladder and urethra. This invaluable group of tonic remedies is best exemplified by Avena sativa, which has no additional relaxing or stimulating effects. La scutellaria, appartenente alla famiglia delle Labiate, è una pianta erbacea perenne alta dai 20 ai 40 centimetri con fiori di colore blu-violetto, disposti in spighe, con un calice a forma di scodella, da cui, presumibilmente, ne deriva il nome. 3-23). Scullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora), sometimes spelled skullcap, and also known as American skullcap, is an herb that has sometimes been presumed to be effective for hysteria, nervous tension, epilepsy, chorea, and other psychological disorders. DHEA supplementation is contraindicated in patients with a history (personal or family) of sex hormone–responsive cancers. 598 1753 . Spreads by rhizomes and runners. Nervine tonics that also have a relaxing effect include Scutellaria lateriflora and Hypericum perforatum. The historical use of this herb as an antidepressant is ancient, long preceding the existence of psychiatry as a medical field. (2000) found that sleep latency was significantly reduced in 16 insomnia patients treated with valerian as compared to placebo. Hydrangea root bark (Hydrangea arborescens). In addition, it is recommended that steeping time is reduced when the tea will be given to young children. Pl. ⚠ Version 1 of The Plant List has been superseded. Frequent desire to urinate, burning sensation or burning pain in the urethra or bladder, worse at night, constant sexual urge caused by chronic irritation of the urinary tract. Scutellaria lateriflora forma albiflora Scutellaria lateriflora Linnaeus, forma albiflora (Farwell) Fernald, Rhodora 23: 86. Condition/Botanical Medicine Summary Table, Eclectic Specific Condition Review: Interstitial Cystitis, a Historical Perspective David Winston*, Pain extending from the kidneys to the ureters. Baicalein inhibited the cell proliferation in a concentration-dependent manner in BFTC905 cells (Chao et al., 2007). Plant prefers part shade to full sun and rich, moist soils. Source Large Mammals Small Mammals Water Birds Terrestrial Birds; Cover. As more chloride flows into the cell, neuronal firing is reduced overall and an inhibitory effect is evident. Gafner S, Bergeron C, Batcha LL, Reich J, Arnason JT, Burdette JE et al. Records modified before. Kava is known to inhibit the liver cytochrome P450 enzyme used to metabolize many drugs, thus altering the potency of these drugs. A number of botanicals directly or indirectly affect the cardiovascular system and may interact with cardiovascular medications. “Comparison of the major flavonoid content of S. baicalensis, S. lateriflora, and their commercial products.” Journal of natural medicines 62.3 (2008): 294-299. The levels of DHEA in the blood are typically 10 times those of cortisol. The tea can be applied topically for itching or pain of the vulva (vulvodynia). When anxiety is the predominant symptom accompanying depression. Other classes of botanicals, such as laxatives, may indirectly negatively interact with cardiovascular medications by causing potassium loss (Table 4-8). Recommended by Simon Mill and Kerry Bone in Principals and Practice of Phytotherapy, specifically for the treatment of PPD caused by hormonal effects and adrenal depletion. In comparison to diazepam (2.5 mg three times daily), a valerian preparation (50 mg three times daily, standardized to 80% dihydrovaltrate) resulted in a significant reduction in symptoms of anxiety measured on HAM-A after 4 weeks (Andreatini et al., 2002). Scullcap is sold in capsules, and powder and liquid extracts are also available. Chronic studies have reported a reversible skin rash or lesion and a yellow tint to the skin (Woelk et al., 1993). Mint family (Lamiaceae) Description:This perennial plant is 1–2½' tall, branching occasionally. The leaves of blue skullcap have a history of use in herbal medicines as a sedative and tranquilizer and for treatment of a variety of conditions including insomnia, anxiety, convulsions and certain neurological disorders.Genus name comes from the Latin word scutella meaning a small dish or saucer in reference to the shape of the persistent calyx after the flowers fade.Specific epithet means side-flowering in reference to the one-sided floral racemes.Common name of skullcap is in reference to the cap-like shape of the flowers and seed capsules which purportedly resemble the military helmets worn by men in the Middle Ages. Can be taken 2 to 4 mL every 30 minutes for 2 hours before bed to promote sleep. Although some have presumed that it may be effective as a hypnotic, a review of literature concluded that scullcap is not effective as a sleep aid (Morin et al., 2007). The blades of the DHEA and DHEAS serve as the precursors of approximately 75% of active estrogens in premenopausal women, and 100% of active estrogens after menopause. Depression, as with other conditions in the herbal clinic, is treated comprehensively, with attention to the whole patient, not just his or her neurotransmitters. This nervine application is somewhat of a departure from our Renaissance and 18th century literature. After 14 days, valerian was rated better than placebo on the Clinical Global Impression Scale (CGIS). The Alabama Plant Atlas is a source of data for the distribution of plants within the state as well as taxonomic, conservation, invasive, and wetland information for each species. From S. lateriflora it can be separated by the corolla 8–12 mm long that 
c Indeed, another review of literature concluded that scullcap is not effective as a sleep aid (Morin et al., 2007). Teach bladder retraining exercises after pain symptoms have first been alleviated. George M. Kapalka, in Nutritional and Herbal Therapies for Children and Adolescents, 2010. American skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) is a perennial herb native to North America. This will not only keep the body healthy, but will also lead to weight stabilization. Other uses for DHEA, for example, for retarding the aging process, improving cognition, promoting weight loss, increasing lean muscle mass, and slowing the progression of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease are clinically unsubstantiated.158, DHEA supplementation has been found to elevate serum testosterone, estrone, and estriol levels in postmenopausal women. Primarily for insomnia and exhaustion related to insomnia. The plants are harvested while in full-flower, then promptly extracted while still fresh and succulent. B-complex supplementation has been anecdotally reported to improve symptoms of depression and anxiety. Scullcap should not be used during pregnancy, and therefore it is necessary to assure that teenage females who take scullcap use redundant forms of contraception to assure the prevention of pregnancy. The pharmacology of scullcap is poorly understood, but it is presumed to exert its sedating effects by interacting with the benzodiazepine receptors in the brain (Medina, 1997). However, despite some previous studies, the quality and safety, the bioactive ingredients, and the pharmacological propertie … Perineal muscle massage and trigger point therapy have been advocated to relieve pain. Kavita Gulati, ... Arunabha Ray, in Nutraceuticals, 2016. A study in a rat model of anxiety demonstrated a Bacopa extract exerted anxiolytic activity comparable to lorazepam, a widely used benzodiazepine anxiolytic drug. Its flowers are purple throughout the summer and autumn. Aviva Romm, ... David Winston, in Botanical Medicine for Women's Health, 2010. Herbal enthusiasts often prefer to brew scullcap into a tea-like beverage, which is done by pouring one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of the dried herb, and steeped for 20–30 minutes. Address work life, relationship, or environmental stressors through making changes, getting counseling, or other means that reduce exposure to life stressors and environmental hazards. BASIONYM: Scutellaria lateriflora Linnaeus, var. The dose of omega-3 PUFAs required for supplementation to prevent or treat postpartum depression is still not entirely clear. In another study, either 600 mg/day valerian extract or placebo was given for 4 weeks and assessed. In a study of patients reporting insufficient sleep, significant improvement in sleep was noted after 2 weeks using 410 mg of valerian at bedtime (Dominguez et al., 2000). who consume on average 8.6 lb of fish per year per woman, and reporting an incidence of 24.5% PPD per year. Raw leaves are also used to brew a tea. From S. lateriflora it can be separated by the corolla 8–12 mm long that 
c D.M. Kava was reported to be statistically superior to placebo (Malsch and Kieser, 2001). Inflammation of the bladder and ovaries, increased secretions from mucous membranes, especially if there is a fetid discharge. Tolerates some light afternoon shade. Skullcap is a plant. Women in the use fall about halfway between these extremes in both fish consumption and PPD incidence.72 The DHA content of mother's milk in the United States is among the lowest in the world—about 40 to 50 mg in US women, 200 mg in European women, and about 600 mg in Japanese women. Baicalein (5,6,7-trihydroxyflavone) (Fig. 28.1) is a flavone, originally isolated from the roots of Scutellaria baicalensis and Scutellaria lateriflora. It is native to wetland areas from Quebec and Newfoundland west to British Columbia and south to California, Louisiana and Florida. Wildlife. Any botanical that has a cholesterol lowering effect through the same pathway may result in potentiation. However, the Bacopa extract did not induce amnesia, as lorazepam did; instead, it had a memory-enhancing effect (Bhattacharya and Ghosal, 1998). Irritation of the urinary tract, with dysuria and painful urination, urinary irritation associated with uterine inflammation. Bartges, in Canine Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy (Second Edition), 2014. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. For assessment of antianxiety properties, kava extracts are compared favorably to frequently prescribed medications such as benzodiazepines and tricyclic antidepressants and are reported to cause anxiolysis without the side effects commonly seen with these drugs (Woelk et al., 1993; Volz and Kieser, 1997). S. alpina is the Alpine Skullcap, a low growing form that reaches around 20 cm in height. 18. Scutellaria Varieties Scutellaria. Tenesmic vesical irritation after urination. In addition to these other changes noted were increased body weight and decreased respiration rate and systolic blood pressure (Singh and Singh, 1980). Some of these herbal agents are briefly discussed. When brewed, children under age 3 may be given a quarter cup three times per day, children age 3–6 may be given a half a cup three times per day, children age 7–11 may be given three-quarters of a cup three times per day, and children 12 or older may be given the low range of adult dose (one cup three times per day). Angiosperms. Because of this it can potentiate the effects of other positively inotropic agents such as digitalis. Painful cystitis with a mucous discharge, urination painful, acidic, burning urine. Although most recently this has been less of a problem, consumers are advised to purchase scullcap from reliable and trusted sources. It is intermediate between its two parent species. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Provide patient referral to marriage and family counselors, environmental groups, and so forth. Kava has four main therapeutic properties: antispasmodics, antianxiety, diuretic, and carminative. Oxazepam slowed reaction time while kava actually enhanced performance (Heinze et al., 1994; Munte et al., 1993). Cystitis wherein the specific gravity of the urine is high, urination is painful, and the mucous membranes are inflamed. However, valerian lignan hydroxypinoresinol has also been reported to bind to benzodiazepine receptors (Bodesheim and Holzl, 1997). A number of other botanicals can affect blood pressure indirectly through a number of functions, including: cholesterol-lowering effects (garlic-Allium sativum; guggul-Commiphora mukul), adaptogens (eleuthero), nervines (skullcap-Scutellaria lateriflora; zizyphus-Zizyphus spinosa), and weight loss aids (guggul). This is generally adequate to raise serum DHEAS to the levels found in adults 20 to 30 years of age and impart the documented benefits of heightened sense of well-being and increased bone mineral density in postmenopausal women.158 Higher doses may be necessary for increasing suppressed DHEA and DHEAS levels secondary to chronic disease, adrenal exhaustion, and corticosteroid therapy.158 Pharmacologic dosages of 200 mg/day have been successfully used in patients with SLE. Aviva Romm, in Botanical Medicine for Women's Health, 2010, Important nutritional/dietary strategies include improving overall caloric intake through a well-balanced diet, ensuring adequate consumption of complex carbohydrates, and ensuring adequate intake of vitamins and minerals through foods, and supplemented with a multivitamin, mineral supplement for lactating women. American skullcap (the aerial part of Scutellaria lateriflora L.) has been traditionally used by Native Americans and Europeans as a nerve tonic, sedative, and anticonvulsant. Basically the fresh plant tincture seems to be the most reliable. Scutellaria lateriflora forma rhodantha Scutellaria lateriflora Linnaeus, forma rhodantha Fernald, Rhodora 23: 86. Avoid foods that might exacerbate interstitial cystitis pathogenesis or symptoms on an individual basis. Scanty urine with dysuria, stinging, and burning pain in the urethra. It is recommended that women supplement with 1 to 3 g/day of a fish oil supplement containing both DHA and EPA.57 Twenty fish oil supplements tested for mercury levels by an independent lab were found to be free of detectable levels of mercury.57 Many reputable fish oil companies will offer product information that address this concern for professionals and consumers. Records added after. In high doses, scullcap may produce mental confusion, irregular heartbeat, and twitching. 3-22). The species is hermaphrodite (has both male and female organs) and is pollinated by Bees, flies. Urinary pain worse with sexual arousal. Wetland Status. Search Clear. Scutellaria lateriflora Named for its helmet-like blue flowers, Skullcap (also spelled Scullcap) , a member of the Mint family, is the Western version of Scutellaria. Herbs in this category (Box 3-24) are used to relieve the mental and physical symptoms of anxiety. In a placebo‐controlled, double‐blind, crossover study, 43 healthy participants were randomised to a sequence of three times daily S. lateriflora (350 mg) or placebo, each

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