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5. (via A Cookie Named Desire) There are sure to be a hit. All you need is one of everything: one bowl, one stick of butter, one cup of brown sugar, 1 tablespoon of vanilla and one cup of flour. The creator of this Oreo recipe explained that she tweaked her favorite chocolate cookie recipe to have less of a moist quality by omitting milk, using less brown sugar and upping the flour ratio. This unique dessert could be described as a luxurious no bake dessert lasagna that packs a sweet chocolaty punch. Add in crushed oreo cookies and mix gently. People won’t believe that you only used a few ingredients and minimal effort to make these Oreo churros. This recipe yields about three dozen Oreos. Not sure it will set..did u add correct measurement of gelatin. So, what better idea than to create your own version of the classic Oreo cookie? My goodness, we literally couldn’t get into the kitchen fast enough. Plus, the recipe calls for a small amount of ingredients and prep is an absolute breeze! Now take hung curd, powdered sugar, vanilla in a bowl and use beater to whip this till creamy. This marbled Oreo recipe is a great way to serve America’s favorite cookie! You can even prepare these ahead of time and keep them in the fridge until time to serve. When it comes to the creamy filling, it is hard to tell the difference. We promise. The creator of this recipe also suggest substituting any flavor of Oreos to make a personal twist on the dessert. No Bake Oreo Dessert. You can’t go wrong when making these parfaits. You can add as many ingredients as you like. The condensed milk and morsels of melty white chocolate create an amazing creamy surprise inside of the moist cookie base. This deep fried cookie dough is definitely an indulgent treat, but worth trying a time or two. Talk about a surprise filling! Just make sure to keep the recipe handy because everyone will be asking for it! Oreo balls are tons of people’s go-to cookie recipe and it is easy to see why this could be on of the best. Hi aarthi can I add little paneer with this to make little more quantity…??? We love that this recipe makes the perfect amount of six donuts! In fact, the hardest part about making this cookies is waiting for them to cool. This fuss-free recipe will definitely make your holiday merry and bright, and sweet, very sweet. Ignorance is bliss and this chocolate Oreo cake is the stuff that sweet dreams are made of. The ingredients are simple. These unique lava cakes hide a creamy pudding center inside of warm chocolatey cake. What are you waiting for? Once I consulted the recipe, I realized....I didn't have cream cheese. This unique dip is the perfect sweet treat to serve at parties and get togethers to break up the finger food rut. Then, top with the remaining brownie batter. With such an easy prep, we think this heavenly Oreo dessert makes the perfect weekday dessert for family dinners. This recipe presents these decadent truffles in two different ways. My kids request it for their birthday cakes, and it's my tried & true dessert that seems to … In fact, this is a great dessert idea to get the kids to join in on the cooking fun. This Oreo dessert recipe is a great way to enjoy your favorite flavors with less guilt. You know what the great thing is about Oreos? That is if you can resist taste testing them a few time before serving. This recipe is a twist on the classic Oreo truffle recipe. @Sakina Moizhung curd is best. Pipe this amazing creamy cheesecake frosting into the middle of these cupcakes and pipe a generous amount on top. These donuts are so simple to make, the hardest part is probably waiting for the donuts to cool so you can add the finishing touches. These easy to make cookies will quickly become of your favorites. Oreo truffles are insanely delicious! We love that you only need three ingredients to make these babies. Also, we think it would be fun to be extra careful while cutting them to try to make each brownie have an entire Oreo still intact in the middle. Just you need to grind the Oreo cookies, in the mixer grinder. @Swapna Sahayou may add, but paneer will give you a little grainy texture, Aarthi Ji thanks for posting the recipe. OREO cookies, baking chocolate, and cream cheese are all you need to make this easy chocolate truffle recipe. These baked Oreo donuts are moist and delicious with each bite filled with chunks of Oreos. She also made sure this recipe is super easy and you are guaranteed to have amazing truffles in less than an hour. Perfect for those that love the Oreo flavor and appreciate the moist softness of a fresh cookie. So, don’t get frustrated if they don’t turn out perfect. You can make it 2 or 3 days in advance. We think these would also make a great and easy holiday gift for neighbors and coworkers. Simply combine ingredients and roll into small balls. Instead of a traditional crust, you simply drop an entire Oreo in the bottom of a muffin tin. Not only are they delicious, but they go along so well with many different flavors, such as peanut butter or marshmallow. All you will need to do is learn the technique of marbling and once you do, you will want to use it on everything from Oreos to cakes! This warm and comforting dessert is fairly easy to make and adds a fun touch to dessert. I thought to myself, "Hey! So, what are you waiting for? This is literally one of the best dessert recipes we have ever laid our eyes on. Now I have 99 more to go look at from this post! @Namrata Khandeparkarinstead of hung curd use cream cheese. This recipe yields about 24 brownies, so we suggest preparing these when there is a small group to share them with. ??? They are truly a sweet tooth’s dream come true. Simply crush your cookies and mix into a bowl of the melted marshmallows and butter. Besides the chunks of Oreo inside of the batter, these bites also have a delicious Oreo crust to really pack a chocolatey punch. Just like in the hit film, The Parent Trap, we were introduced to the amazing flavor combination of peanut butter and Oreos. The creamy pudding center is made with instant Oreo pudding and milk. It creates a fluffy but crunchy shell for the dough ball. Simply layer your ingredients in parfait glasses and chill until ready for use. We love a good no-bake Oreo dessert recipe and these chewy cookies and cream bars definitely fit the bill. With just the title alone, we knew this Oreo dessert recipe would be delicious and dangerous. Just don’t look at the calories. This unique dessert offers it all: crispy, tender, chocolatey and creaminess all in one! If you know someone who loves cookies and cream, then you need to make these cupcakes for them as soon as possible. Think of a rich dark chocolate brownie topped with Oreos and frosting, then sprinkled with chocolate sauce and cookie crumbles. This recipe has a secret ingredient that you will never guess: sour cream. You can even decorate them with sprinkles or any colorful dessert garnish. Otherwise, a disposable Dixie cup will work just fine. Try different colored sprinkles to make these dipped pretzels fit any for virtually any holiday celebration. So how do I go about doing it . Well, this dreamy, creamy cake fit the bill. Thank you so much.:D. After allowing to cool completely, you simply cut these up into squares and serve on a fun platter. Hi aarti fantabulous effort.. Y don't we use fresh cream.. What's the difference? Guess what, she succeeded. So you can easily call this recipe as cheesecake without creamcheese..I used hung curd to make this, i took some thick yogurt and poured in some cheesecloth lined over a sieve and put it in fridge and let it drip overnight, the next day i got the beautiful thick hung yogurt which can be easily substituted for cream cheese. She explains the rule of one. I have two doubts 1. @Anonymousi think the gelatin u used is not enough may be, use little more.. Hi aarti.can I substitute paneer instead of cream for the same measure ment, Hi Aarthi..if I want to make a strawberry cheese cake will there be any changes in the quantity of the ingredients?Pooja. Due to lockdown I don’t think both the things now? This recipe isn’t the easiest but the results are definitely worth it. For those of use that want to sit down to enjoy a whole sleeve of Oreos, but know that we shouldn’t, this recipe is for you. The only thing that could make chocolate chip cookies more delicious is to stuff them with another delicious cookie! Fry these sweet treats up for a one of a kind dessert for any occasion. Cream cheese, whipped cream and vanilla pudding are combined with crushed oreos to create this easy treat. This specific recipe takes only five minutes from start to finish. A parfait is a simple and easy dessert, but this decadent mixture of chocolate and Baileys is anything but simple. This may seem too simple, but the finished product is some of the smoothest and richest fudge you have ever tasted. However, it’s true. However, we think your family would appreciate a large tub of these amazing fudge sitting on the kitchen counter. Next up is half of the brownie mix and a layer of Oreos. Simply bake and you have perfect mini cheesecakes with an Oreo twist. Press them together to sandwich and seal the Oreo between the dough. You don’t even need a popsicle mold, unless you want to get fancy. Or whip up a batch for a sweet and easy snack. This recipe is a little more intensive than most of the other ones of this list, but it is worth ever step. There is even a great Oreo filling whipped cream for dipping these babies in! I hope you enjoy the recipes on this blog as they are tried and true from my kitchen to yours! This is a unique recipe that children can even make when they want a sweet treat. Plus, the chunks of Oreo cookies make this a one of a kind chocolate dessert that you won’t be able to get enough of. This ensures that your batter comes out nice, creamy and smooth. The creator of this recipe even suggests for easier preparation, you can substitute store bought chocolate chip cookie dough. These cupcakes are a breeze to whip up. In fact, the fluffy topping is made coconut butter and the cakes use dark chocolate cocoa.

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