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وفي وسط هذا الجزء التّاسع هو السّدّ الّذي بناه الإسكندر كما قلناه والصّحيح من خبره في القرآن. This idea is also in the Quran (609–632 CE[89][90]), and found its way in the Western Alexander Romance. Then Gog and Magog … [79], The Pseudo-Methodius, written originally in Syriac, is considered the source of Gog and Magog tale incorporated into Western versions of the Alexander Romance. [105] Gog and Magog caricaturised as figures with hooked noses on a miniature depicting their attack of the Holy City, found in a manuscript of the Apocalypse in Anglo-Norman. The story originates in the Bible, continues through an ancient history, and winds up in its final version in the Koran and in fictional tales of Alexander the Great. [32] The 1st-century Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum, which retells Biblical history from Adam to Saul, is notable for listing and naming seven of Magog's sons, and mentions his "thousands" of descendants. Then one day, as they stop scratching for the night, one will say tomorrow we will finish God Willing, and in the morning, it is not restored as with everything night. He said, ‘This is a mercy from my Lord, but when the promise of my Lord comes, He will make it level; the promise of my Lord is ever true.’. The wall has already been destroyed and Gog and Magog went through it, while they and their predecessors will emerge again one last time before the Hour. Source: Aḥādīth Mu’allah Ẓāhiruhā al-Ṣiḥḥah 1/427. Gog Magog – Verse by Verse Analysis. 21 I will summon a sword against Gog on all my mountains, declares the Sovereign LORD. Tooman's view is that the "latter days" means "the end of history-as-we-know-it and the initiation of a new historical age". [114] In 1251, the French friar André de Longjumeau informed his king that the Mongols originated from a desert further east, and an apocalyptic Gog and Magog ("Got and Margoth") people dwelled further beyond, confined by the mountains. It is estimated that their release was during the latter of the sixth century Hijri. "Cnut: England's Viking King 1016–35". [54] This is in contradiction with many reports in Sunni sources, including those in Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, which indicate they will indeed, be from the Children of Adam, and this is the belief of the overwhelming majority of Islamic scholars. The Tartar Relation, an obscure account of Friar Carpini's 1240s journey to Mongolia, is unique in alleging that these Caspian Mountains in Mongolia, "where the Jews called Gog and Magog by their fellow countrymen are said to have been shut in by Alexander", were moreover purported by the Tartars to be magnetic, causing all iron equipment and weapons to fly off toward the mountains on approach. [107][u] The Byzantine writer Procopius said it was the Huns Alexander had locked out, and a Western monk named Fredegar seems to have Gog and Magog in mind in his description of savage hordes from beyond Alexander's gates who had assisted the Byzantine emperor Heraclius (610–641) against the Muslim Saracens. I said, “O Messenger of Allah, will we perish while there are still righteous people among us?” The Prophet (ṣ) said: Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 3168, Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi. Solid historical accounts point to Magog being Russia . [91], This Gog and Magog legend is not found in earlier versions of the Alexander romance of Pseudo-Callisthenes, whose oldest manuscript dates to the 3rd century,[l] but an interpolation into recensions around the 8th century. Gog and Magog are said to engage in human cannibalism in the The conflation of Gog and Magog with the legend of Alexander and the Iron Gates was disseminated throughout the Near East in the early centuries of the Christian and Islamic era. This requires a high level of mastery over the prophetic traditions to be able to notice such defects. They asked for him to defend them. Yajuj and Majuj Gog and Magog I want know about the Yajuj and Majuj Gog and Magog I want to know that when will they come what will they do where are they now Please answer my question with the details All perfect praise be to Allah The Lord of the Worlds I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam is His slave and Messenger … [31], The Book of Jubilees, from about the same time, makes three references to either Gog or Magog: in the first, Magog is a descendant of Noah, as in Genesis 10; in the second, Gog is a region next to Japheth's borders; and in the third, a portion of Japheth's land is assigned to Magog. Also "barbarous nations", "savage tribes". [30] The passage has a highly uncertain text, with manuscripts varying in their groupings of the letters of the Greek text into words, leading to different readings; one group of manuscripts ("group Y") links them with the "Marsians and Dacians", in eastern Europe, amongst others. [135] This has not been the case in the United States, where a 2002 poll indicated that 59% of Americans believed the events predicted in the Book of Revelation would come to pass. The Great Wall of China or Gog and Magog wall? They believe that the wall still exists and is holding back these nations until today. [33] The Samaritan Torah and the Septuagint (a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible made during the last few centuries of the pre-Christian era) occasionally introduce the name of Gog where the Hebrew original has something else, or use Magog where the Hebrew has Gog, indicating that the names were interchangeable. In the 9th and 10th centuries these kingdoms were identified by some with the lands of the Khazars, a Turkic people who had converted to Judaism and whose empire dominated Central Asia–the 9th-century monk Christian of Stavelot referred to Gazari, said of the Khazars that they were "living in the lands of Gog and Magog" and noted that they were "circumcised and observing all [the laws of] Judaism". [103] This is a case of imperfect transmission, since the prose Alexander's source, the Latin work by Archpriest Leo of Naples known as Historia de Preliis, does mention "Gogh et Macgogh", at least in some manuscripts. So Noah had a son named Japheth who had a son named Magog who settled Turkey. [51] It is not entirely clear what Sallam saw, but he may have reached the Jade Gate and the westernmost customs point on the border of China. [47], Various nations and peoples in history were identified as Ya'juj and Ma'juj. [17], The Book of Ezekiel records a series of visions received by the prophet Ezekiel, a priest of Solomon's Temple, who was among the captive during the Babylonian exile. The gates were a popular subject in medieval travel literature, starting with the Alexander Romance in a version from perhaps the 7th century. Lund, Niels "The Danish Empire and the End of the Viking Age", in Sawyer. Source: Risālatān fī Fitnat al-Dajjāl wa Yājūj wa Mājūj 1/51-52. [m][93] In the latest and longest Greek version[n] are described the Unclean Nations, which include the Goth and Magoth as their kings, and whose people engage in the habit of eating worms, dogs, human cadavers and fetuses. The prophet Ezekiel claims Magog’s descendants are from the far north, and will some day attack Israel. "[141] Officials from the Bush Administration claim there is no record of this conversation and that making such references, "doesn't sound at all like Bush. [5] Dhul-Qarnayn, having journeyed to the ends of the world, meets "a people who scarcely understood a word" who seek his help in building a barrier that will separate them from the people of Yajuj and Majuj who "do great mischief on earth". [110][111], While the confounding Gog and Magog as confined Jews was becoming commonplace, some, like Riccoldo or Vincent de Beauvais remained skeptics, and distinguished the Lost Tribes from Gog and Magog. [134] But as the century progressed, apocalyptic expectations receded as the populace in Europe began to adopt an increasingly secular worldview. This belief seemed more plausible when the world had not been so thoroughly explored as it has been now. The first of them would pass the lake of Tiberias and drink out of it. Gog of Magog and His Allies (Ezekiel 38-39) February 3-6 We come now to a remarkable prophecy, spanning chapters 38 and 39. The legend of Gog and Magog and the gates were also interpolated into the Alexander romances. GOG AND MAGOG WERE WILD TRIBES: They behaved like animals and formed chaos for the Turks … Eusebius) frequently identified Gog and Magog with the Romans and their emperor. In the Quran Yajuj and Majuj (Gog and Magog) are suppressed by Dhul-Qarnayn "the two-horned one", a figure derived from Alexander the Great or Cyrus the Great. The mountains will be overturned, the cliffs will crumble and every wall will fall to the ground. The Gog Magog prophecies are actually a series of 5 messages given to the prophet Ezekiel directly from God. [94] They were allied to Belsyrians (Bebrykes,[95] of Bithynia in modern-day North Turkey), and sealed beyond the "Breasts of the North", a pair of mountains fifty days' march away towards the north. Many historical documents suggest that their conquests of other territories was retaliation in response to the encroachment upon tribal lands by Christian missionaries, and perhaps by the Saxon Wars prosecuted by Charlemagne and his kin to the south. Those story pieces incredibly-credibly fit. I will make a dam between you. He agrees to build it for them, but warns that when the time comes (Last Age), Allah will remove the barrier. [116][125][126] As noted, Riccoldo had reported a Mongol folk-tradition that they were descended from Gog and Magog. Ya'juj Ma'juj (Gog & MaGog) and Zul-Qarnain Thousands of years ago, the barbarous tribes of Yajuj and Ma'juj were imprisoned behind an iron wall built by Zul-Qarnain. If Gog and Magog are still behind the wall mentioned in the Quran, where are they today and where is their wall? As an alternative explanation, some scholars have suggested that the collapse of the wall and their emergence near the end of time are two separate events. The names are mentioned together in Ezekiel chapter 38, where Gog is an individual and Magog is his land. Zaynab bint Jahsh reported: The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, came to visit me one day while he was frightened and he said: لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ وَيْلٌ لِلْعَرَبِ مِنْ شَرٍّ قَدْ اقْتَرَبَ فُتِحَ الْيَوْمَ مِنْ رَدْمِ يَأْجُوجَ وَمَأْجُوجَ مِثْلُ هَذِهِ. Woe to the Arabs from an evil drawing near! Hazrat Zulqarnian (A.S) traveled from East to West and North to South. Say: Thus said the Lord: Behold, I am against you, Gog, the prince, leader of Meshech and Tubal ... Persia, Cush and Put will be with you ... also Gomer with all its troops, and Beth Togarmah from the far north with all its troops—the many nations with you. [1] Efforts have been made to identify him with various individuals, notably Gyges, a king of Lydia in the early 7th century BC, but many scholars do not believe he is related to any historical person. It is God's message to Gog of Magog and his allies, who dwell far to the north of the Promised Land and of Ezekiel's place of exile in Babylon but will one day come down into the land of Israel with a vast invasion force. Yet he warned that Allah would remove the wall in the end times. [46] They scratch at their wall each day until they almost break through. This is the aforementioned element first seen in pseudo-Methodius. They said, ‘O Dhul Qarnayn, Gog and Magog are causing corruption in the land. 24–25, Bruno Dumézil, master of Conference at Paris X–Nanterre, Normalien, aggregated history, author of conversion and freedom in the barbarian kingdoms. [1], In Genesis 10 Magog is a person, son of Japheth son of Noah, but no Gog is mentioned. [d][16] A later corrupted folk rendition in print altered the tradition around Gogmagog and Corineus with two giants Gog and Magog, with whom the Guildhall statues came to be identified. Block, but their remoteness and reputation for violence and mystery possibly "made Gog and his confederates perfect symbols of the archetypal enemy, rising against God and his people". Rabbi Schwartz then referred to a verse in Ezekiel that prophesied about the heads of the pre-Messiah war of Gog and Magog. As Ka’b al-Ahbar was an authority on the Israelite traditions (isra’iliyyat), it is possible that it originated from his study of Jewish and Christian scriptures, and it was later accidentally attributed to the Prophet (ṣ). Their emergence at the end of time, as described in the tradition of Al-Nawwas ibn Sim’an, is after the trial of the False Messiah. [18] After this message of reassurance, chapters 38–39, the Gog oracle, tell how Gog of Magog and his hordes will threaten the restored Israel but will be destroyed, after which God will establish a new Temple and dwell with his people for a period of lasting peace (chapters 40–48). Some scholars further attempt to relate the last portion of the interpretation of Yajuj and Majuj to the lake of Tiberias, currently known as the Sea of Galilee, the Earth's lowest freshwater lake, and the Dead Sea. Wall of Yagog Magog The wall is the famous wall of Derbent. [104], The Gog and Magog are not only human flesh-eaters, but illustrated as men "a notably beaked nose" in examples such as the "Henry of Mainz map", an important example of mappa mundi. The Prophet made a circle with this thumb and finger. This indicates that the Gog and Magog wall might be covered with dirt, snow or sand. [68][69][70][71] Ahmadiyya exegeses draw upon the etymological connection of the Arabic cognate Yaʾjūj wa-Maʾjūj with the underlying themes of blazing fire, hastiness and boiling water to what is viewed as the superlative industrial use of fire and steam by these peoples and to their restless political character. With no physical evidence to suggest its continued existence in our times, it is worth considering whether or not this belief is required by the Quran and Sunnah. One of them says: Go back and we will dig tomorrow. They return to it even stronger than before until their term arrives. A Mosque in the area of Medina, possibly: This page was last edited on 26 November 2020, at 08:29. The Septuagint reads "Agag" instead of "Gog" in Numbers 24:7. [23] "Why the prophet's gaze should have focused on these particular nations is unclear," comments Biblical scholar Daniel I. Note the change in loyalties. pointed out that a hole was already struck or made by the people of Gog Magog during the later Medinian life of Prophet Saws itself , so it could be possible within a matter of few centuries from there ( 622 to 632 AD ) the wall of Gog Magog has been pierced totally and its pure Iron and copper has already been looted extracted as we see the Tubal tribes of Georgia and the near by tribes around the Ural, … The History Press Ltd, 2005. [40] The rabbis associated no specific nation or territory with them beyond a location to the north of Israel,[41] but the great Jewish scholar Rashi identified the Christians as their allies and said God would thwart their plan to kill all Israel. The word of Hashem came to me:and say: O mortal, turn your face toward Gog of the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal. Lawson, M K (2004). When they do break through they will be so numerous that "their vanguard is in Syria and their rear in Khorasan". Some scholars have understood these divinely-revealed texts as referring to two distinctly different events. [115], Some time around the 12th century, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel came to be identified with Gog and Magog;[122] possibly the first to do so was Petrus Comestor in Historica Scholastica (c. 1169–1173),[123][124] and he was indeed a far greater influence than others before him, although the idea had been anticipated by the aforementioned Christian of Stavelot, who noted that the Khazhars, to be identified with Gog and Magog, was one of seven tribes of the Hungarians and had converted to Judaism. [133], In the early 19th century, some Hasidic rabbis identified the French invasion of Russia under Napoleon as "The War of Gog and Magog". Some accounts and maps began to place the "Caspian Mountains", and Gog and Magog, just outside the Great Wall of China. The Qur’an describes a story of Dhū’l-Qarnayn’s wall against Gog and Magog. [o][94], Gog and Magog appear in somewhat later Old French versions of the romance. However, other scholars interpreted this prediction as an event that has already occurred. [6] Viking travellers and colonists were seen at many points in history as violent raiders. [a][8][9][10], The form "Gog and Magog" may have emerged as shorthand for "Gog and/of the land of Magog", based on their usage in the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. The wall of Darial Pass which is between Gorgia and southern Russia in the Caucasus mountain range. However, Shaykh al-Wadi’i mentioned this tradition in his book of traditions with authentic chains but hidden defects in their text. [24] One explanation is that the Gog alliance, a blend of the "Table of Nations" in Genesis 10 and Tyre's trading partners in Ezekiel 27, with Persia added, was cast in the role of end-time enemies of Israel by means of Isaiah 66:19, which is another text of eschatological foretelling. And when the last of them would pass, he would say: There was once water there. [83][i], In the Syriac Alexander Legend dating to 629–630, Gog (Syriac: ܓܘܓ‎, gwg) and Magog (Syriac: ܡܓܘܓ‎ܵ, mgwg) appear as kings of Hunnish nations. [53], According to Shia sources, Yajooj and Majooj are not from the Children of Adam (the human race). Worth Press Ltd, 2000, (Shahadat-ul-Qur’an, Ruhani Khazain, Volume 6, Pages 361-362, "Version anglo-normande en vers de l'Apocalypse", "The Commentary of Rashi on Isaiah and the Jewish-Christian Debate", "Iskandar Oversees the Building of the Wall", "Story of Ya'juj and Ma'juj (Gog and Magog) form The Quran - Link To Islam", "From Alexander to Marco Polo, from Text to Image: The Marvels of India", "Take the World by Prose: Modes of Possession in the, "Text, Image and Contradiction in the Devisement du monde", "It's Impossible to Count the Things Wrong With the Negligent, Spurious, Distorted New Biography of George W. Bush", "The Gog and Magog Tradition in Revelation 20:8", "Typological Problems in Medieval Alexander Literature: The Enclosure of Gog and Magog", "A Christian Legend concerning Alexander", "Observations and Beliefs: The World of the Catalan Atlas", "Ch. [99], Gog and Magog also appear in Thomas de Kent's Roman de toute chevalerie (c. 1180), where they are portrayed as cave-dwellers who consume human flesh. In that case, it cannot be considered as strong enough evidence to establish an obligatory belief in Islamic creed. [7] Alternatively, Gog may be derived from Magog rather than the other way round, and "Magog" may be code for Babylon. 59: Concerning the Province of Tenduc, and the Descendants of Prester John", ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul-Muttalib ibn Hashim, Current Ummah of Islam (Ummah of Muhammad), Safety of high-energy particle collision experiments, Existential risk from artificial intelligence, Self-Indication Assumption Doomsday argument rebuttal, Self-referencing doomsday argument rebuttal, List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events, List of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction,, Articles about multiple people in the Quran, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Mother Abiona or Amtelai the daughter of Karnebo, Slayers of Saleh's she-camel (Qaddar ibn Salif and Musda' ibn Dahr). Biden: A Continuation of Obama’s Plan to Spark Gog/Magog War Through Iran. Rubruck refers Derbent as the "Iron Gate", this also being the meaning of the Turkish name (Demir kapi) for the town. Corrosion is metal’s property called oxidation. [1] The meaning of the name Gog remains uncertain, and in any case, the author of the Ezekiel prophecy seems to attach no particular importance to it. In Ezekiel 38, Gog is an individual and Magog is his land; in Genesis 10 Magog is a man, but no Gog is mentioned; and centuries later Jewish tradition changed Ezekiel's "Gog from Magog" into "Gog and Magog", which is the form in which they appear in the Christian New Testament's Book of Revelation, although there they are peoples rather than individuals. In number they are like the sand on the seashore. One of the signs of the Hour to occur near the end of time is the emergence of two powerful nations known as Gog and Magog (Ya’juj wa Ma’juj). Gog and Magog, he says, live near to the sea that encircles the Earth and can be counted only by God; they are only half the height of a normal man, with claws instead of nails and a hairy tail and huge hairy ears which they use as mattress and cover for sleeping. Their trial will cause much harm to the people of the earth. There is no indication that they have not emerged before that, as the meaning of ‘emerge’ is to transfer from one location to another. The exile, he tells his fellow captives, is God's punishment on Israel for turning away, but God will restore his people to Jerusalem when they return to him. Allah knows best. According to Sahih Muslim, the Prophet said: Shall we pay you tribute if you build a barrier between us?’ He said, ‘What my Lord has established for me is better, but help me with labor. It is said that when other powerful nations will come to an end, the Chinese will rise and invade the whole world, eating humans. [140] US President George W. Bush, in the prelude to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq, Bush told French President Jacques Chirac, "Gog and Magog are at work in the Middle East." [115], In fact, Gog and Magog were held by the Mongol to be their ancestors, at least by some segment of the population. [q] Routed by Alexander, they escaped through a defile in the mountains of Tus (or Turs),[r] and were sealed by the wall erected there, to last until the advent of the Antichrist. A millennium later, a story existed, with learned support, that Alexander the Great built a wall in China to protect civilization from Gog and Magog. [121] Friar André's placement of Gog and Magog far east of Mongolia has been similarly explained. Every man’s sword will be against his brother. Based on Rubruck stating elsewhere "There are other enclosures in which there are Jews", Simek, Rudolf (2005) "the emergence of the viking age: circumstances and conditions", "The vikings first Europeans VIII – XI century – the new discoveries of archaeology", other, pp. An account of Alexander walling off unclean nations exists in the γ recension of the Greek Alexander Romance. [145], Pair of individuals, peoples, or lands in the Bible and the Qur'an, For the Gog and Magog statues in London, see. Rather, this tradition was narrated from Ka’b al-Ahbar… Perhaps Abu Huraira received it from Ka’b, for there were many who sat with him and narrated from him, so Abu Huraira narrated it and some of the sub-narrators mistakenly thought he attributed it to the Prophet (ṣ) and so they did as well. Gog and Magog, in the Hebrew Bible, the prophesied invader of Israel and the land from which he comes, respectively; or, in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament), evil forces opposed to the people of God. Their trial will cause much harm to the people of the earth. Some scholars cite a tradition on the authority of Abu Huraira as evidence the wall still exists, that the Prophet (ṣ) said: إِنَّ يَأْجُوجَ وَمَأْجُوجَ لَيَحْفِرُونَ السَّدَّ كُلَّ يَوْمٍ حَتَّى إِذَا كَادُوا يَرَوْنَ شُعَاعَ الشَّمْسِ قَالَ الَّذِي عَلَيْهِمْ ارْجِعُوا فَسَتَحْفِرُونَهُ غَدًا فَيَعُودُونَ إِلَيْهِ كَأَشَدِّ مَا كَانَ حَتَّى إِذَا بَلَغَتْ مُدَّتُهُمْ. It is said that Gog and Magog wall is made of metal behind which Yajuj Majuj are trapped, they try to dig a hole in it every day but fail to complete it. Yājūj and Mājūj, in Islamic eschatology, two hostile, corrupt forces that will ravage the earth before the end of the world. He also addressed many minds (Westerners or otherwise[127]) being credulous of the notion that Mongols might be Captive Jews, but after weighing the pros and cons, he concluded this was an open question. [110][111] Arab traveler ibn Fadlan also reported of this belief, writing around 921 he recorded that "Some hold the opinion that Gog and Magog are the Khazars". [116][117][118] Marco Polo, traveling when the initial terror had subsided, places Gog and Magog among the Tartars in Tenduc, but then claims that the names Gog and Magog are translations of the place-names Ung and Mungul, inhabited by the Ung and Mongols respectively. Its chain is very good and strong, but there is a defect in its content because the verse apparently necessitates that they did not have power to overcome its elevation, nor penetrate it, due to the perfection of its foundation, firmness, and strength. Twentieth-century scholars have used the term to denote the eschaton in a malleable sense, not necessarily meaning final days, or tied to the Apocalypse. There is no doubt that Ya’jooj and Ma’jooj are two huge nations of the sons of Adam. [2] The process, and the shifting geography of Gog and Magog, can be traced through the literature of the period. He believed in Allah as the one and only god. At one point, it was the Turks, who threatened Baghdad and northern Iran;[48] later, when the Mongols destroyed Baghdad in 1258, it was they who were Gog and Magog. [f][26] Still, the Utopia of chapters 40–48 can be spoken of in the parlance of "true eschatological character, given that it is a product of "cosmic conflict" described in the immediately preceding Gog chapters.[27]. It is believed that their appearance includes small eyes and red hair. The name Magog is equally obscure, but may come from the Assyrian mat-Gugu, "Land of Gyges", i.e., Lydia. [36], The anti-Roman Bar Kokhba revolt in the 2nd century AD looked to a human leader as the promised messiah, but after its failure Jews began to conceive of the messianic age in supernatural terms: first would come a forerunner, the Messiah ben Joseph, who would defeat Israel's enemies, identified as Gog and Magog, to prepare the way for the Messiah ben David;[g] then the dead would rise, divine judgement would be handed out, and the righteous would be rewarded. The Arab kingdoms were scattered at the hands of the Mongols and Tartars since the emergence of Ghengis Khan and his occupation of Bukhara in the year 616 Hijri. The chief interest inthem centers about two points: (1) the wall built by Dhu al-Ḳarnain (Alexander the Great) to shut them off from the rest of the world, and (2) their reappearance as a sign of the last day. They consider the chain of authorities for this tradition to be authentic. [j][84] Written by a Christian based in Mesopotamia, the Legend is considered the first work to connect the Gates with the idea that Gog and Magog are destined to play a role in the apocalypse. Gog and Magog (/ˈɡɒɡ ... ˈmeɪɡɒɡ/; Hebrew: .mw-parser-output .script-hebrew,.mw-parser-output .script-Hebr{font-family:"SBL Hebrew","SBL BibLit","Frank Ruehl CLM","Taamey Frank CLM","Ezra SIL","Ezra SIL SR","Keter Aram Tsova","Taamey Ashkenaz","Taamey David CLM","Keter YG","Shofar","David CLM","Hadasim CLM","Simple CLM","Nachlieli",Cardo,Alef,"Noto Serif Hebrew","Noto Sans Hebrew","David Libre",David,"Times New Roman",Gisha,Arial,FreeSerif,FreeSans}גּוֹג וּמָגוֹג‎; Gōg ū-Māgōg; Arabic: يَأْجُوجُ وَمَأْجُوجُ; Yaʾjūj wa-Maʾjūj) appear in the Hebrew Bible and Quran as individuals, tribes, or lands. There is an opinion that the prediction of Dhul al-Qarnayn and the emergence of Gog and Magog are the same event. An opening has been made today in the barrier Gog and Magog like this. One of the signs of the Hour to occur near the end of time is the emergence of two powerful nations known as Gog and Magog (Ya’juj wa Ma’juj). [106] After the Empire became Christian, Ambrose (d. 397) identified Gog with the Goths, Jerome (d. 420) with the Scythians, and Jordanes (died c. 555) said that Goths, Scythians and Amazons were all the same; he also cited Alexander's gates in the Caucasus. [h][78] Several centuries later, this material was vastly elaborated in the Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius and Alexander romance. [112], After the Khazars came the Mongols, seen as a mysterious and invincible horde from the east who destroyed Muslim empires and kingdoms in the early 13th century; kings and popes took them for the legendary Prester John, marching to save Christians from the Muslim Saracens, but when they entered Poland and Hungary and annihilated Christian armies a terrified Europe concluded that they were "Magogoli", the offspring of Gog and Magog, released from the prison Alexander had constructed for them and heralding Armageddon.

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